You asking
who we are?

We’re a team of eight members, four from Wallonia/Brussels and four from Flemand. Half of the BeOC uses Dutch and other half, use French. It applies to our sign language too as well… LSFB (Langue des Signes de Belgique Francophone and VGT (VlaamsGebarentaal.).They also come from different Deaf Youth associations, let’s introduce the Smurfs!

Ines Heather
Ines GuerreiroContactperson

~Smurf Ines has a tendency to stare manically at people in the mornings, without realising!

Heather DaleySecretary

~Smurf Heather loves to travel and hopes to return to Nepal one day!

Amandine Jeffrey Sylvie
Amandine Le MaireCo-leader-FSSB
Jeunes Representator

~Smurf Amandine collects VW van toys but nevers owns a VW van!

Garitte JeffreyMedia relations

~Smurf Jeffrey hates mornings!

Sylvie Van LanduytCamp Counselor

~Smurf Sylvie cannot live without her mascara!

Dora Yves Ludivine
Dora MoensCo-leader-Jong-Fevlado

~Smurf Dora loves shoes!

Yves Van AckerTreasurer

~Smurf Yves is known for a taxi driver, so if you ever need a ride, ask Yves the Driver!

Ludivine DescampsCamp Counselor

~Smurf Ludivine is deaf, right? But she loves to listen to the music!