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Date of the camp
The EUDY Children Camp 2013 will be held at 15 July – 22 July 2013.

Location of the camp venue
The camp venue is placed in the north of the Netherlands. In Stadskanaal, Groningen the camp will be held.  The the camp venue has many facilities and it is possible to have indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Theme and logo
The logo is created by Pieternel van Dis. Some of you may recognize the hands into the logo. The hands shows you the theme: Teamwork! (in Dutch style!) Together we will learn, play and have fun together. The hands together makes a steeple like the Martini Tower, the highest church steeple, in the city of Groningen. As The Netherlands is hosting the camp, we added our symbolic colour: Orange and our flag.

Visa information

Member countries of EUDY who DO NEED visa to The Netherlands

Armenia Kosovo Turkey
Azerbaijan Moldova Ukraine
Georgia Russian Federation

Member countries of EUDY who DO NOT NEED visa to The Netherlands

Remember you need to comply with these specific conditions to entry the Netherlands

  • You have a valid passport or a identity-card(ID)
  • You have enough money for each day you stay in the Netherlands (€ 34,- each day)
  • Respect the country and its peoples.

Travel information
There are many ways getting to The Netherlands; by air, rail, bus, ferry, and car. If you plan to get here by air, then please make your ticket to AMSTERDAM AIRPORT SCHIPHOL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We will provide free transportation from Schiphol Airport to Stadskanaal. The last bus to the camp venue will leave at 14:30. So be sure you will arrive at least at 14:00

Your travel information must be stated on the schedule and send to us, as soon you know your arrival and departure times but at least one month before the camp, before 15th of June, so we can arrange your transport to the camp.

Any different way of transport is on your own costs and responsibilities. For more information how to travel in the Netherlands, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alcohol and drug policy
Neither alcohol nor drugs are allowed during the camp days - Neither by the participants nor by the leaders. If we notice any use of such things, you will be asked to leave the camp.

Medical needs
If you have, any medical needs then please state on the registration form. In order to ensure your prescriptive medicine or syringes can be brought to The Netherlands a prescription from your doctor must be brought along with you, to be shown to the customs prior to arrival.

Personal travel insurance must be prepared before entering The Netherlands. If something should happen to you during you stay, we will assist you and your leader as best as possible. If you need to change your return ticket due illness your travel insurance should cover this.

In general, there are no vaccinates needed

Camp Fees
The EUDY guidelines requires that there is a lower price for the developing countries than for the developed ones.
For the developed countries: € 100
For the developing countries: € 50

The camp fee includes accommodation, meals and activities for the whole week. As before mentioned all travel expenses are on your own. At this moment we are in business to get camp fees lower. For now we ask you to make over your camp fee by may 1st at the latest.

Developed countries Developing countries
Andorra Albania
Austria Armenia
Belgium Azerbaijan
Croatia Bulgaria
Cyprus Georgia
Czech Republic Lithuania
Denmark Moldova
Estonia Montenegro
Finland Romania
France Russian Federation
Germany Serbia
Greece Macedonia, FYR
Hungary Turkey
Iceland Ukraine
Ireland Latvia
San Marino  
United Kingdom  

Special Attendance Fund (SAF)
EUDY is setting up a special attendance fund for EUDY's B-countries. Are you from a B-country, then you are eglible for financial support from EUDY. EUDY can take a part of the camp costs, so you can pay less. Please contact the EUDY board through [email protected] for more information and an application form!

Camp registration form
Before filling out the enrolment papers you should take contact with you deaf association to show your interest. You must sign the enrolment papers, by one of your parents or spouses, and by your deaf association. A copy of your passport must be attached the registration forms. Do not forget to attach two passport size photos! The registration forms are attached this booklet.

Sending the registration forms Deadline has already been expired, but if you want to join, please contact us for the opportunities. We do have some space left! 
Pay camp fee May 1st 2013
Send travel information June 1st 2013



25-04-2012: NEW PRICES!!

5-4-2013: More information about registration forms. Click here to read more.

1-2-2013: Developed countries €325, developing countries €200. Click here to read more.

16-12-2012: Page sponsors is uploaded. Click here to see who is sponsoring our camp.